01 – The Beginning of a New Chapter

Since dear Dad’s passing time seems to have just flown by.  We were inundated by so many messages, letters and cards of sympathy and were very touched by the love and kindness that surrounded us.   It was very strange not having him about the place, but we slowly adjusted to the change as best we could.  We take comfort that Tina and Hugh are now reunited and no doubt watching over us all, and our progress here at “Tre Cancelle”. 

"Ugo" and Tina

Hugh and Tina Celebrating Their Golden Wedding Anniversary - October 2005

For a time I felt totally exhausted, both physically and emotionally and my head felt very muddled – I think at last the stresses and strains of the last difficult months had finally caught up with us, which was natural I suppose.  There were still too many recent, vivid and painful memories, but we were sure that these would fade in time as we will began to heal ourselves.

So once again we were able to make plans for the future and resume our adventures in Bella Italia“. We soon found that we had plenty to keep us occupied. 

We were receiving a pleasing number of enquires and bookings for our holiday accommodation.  Our first guests at “Tre Cancelle” for the 2008 season arrived at the beginning of April.  A lovely couple with two lively boys, who absolutely loved our doggies, so much so that the boys were up at 7.30 each morning, knocking on our shutters, as they wanted to help Paul serve breakfast to the hounds. 

We realised that we now needed to fully support ourselves financially, so we unanimously decided to go ahead and rent out both the upstairs and downstairs apartments during the summer months.  We could “rough it” again and live back in the old caravan !!!  The upstairs apartment was by now virtually complete, however downstairs was a different story, as there were some larger jobs to complete before it would be of a sufficient standard to advertise it as holiday accommodation.

* photo by a. nerstu

One morning our nosey neighbour “10 times Teresa” came to inspect her land and found that someone, for the second year running, had nicked all of her prize artichokes.  She wasn’t too pleased I can tell you !!!  We have named her “10 times Teresa” because every time we have an encounter with her she seems to tell you everything about 10 times over, in “Itrana” dialect, which is pretty hard going sometimes !!!  We keep nodding and “Sì, Sì-ing” sympathetically,  hopefully in the right places.  Every evening she sits on the same bench by the old fountain in Itri, and watches out in case our car should pass by.  On seeing us she waves madly and tries to flag us down.  We have been caught out several times, by pulling over, and end up having to go through the long procedure of Sì, Sì-ing” for another good half an hour or so !!!

* photo by alfred nerstu


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