07 – “The Welsh Girls”

Our next set of guests at “Tre Cancelle” were some of our previous visitors, who we have nicknamed the “Welsh Girls”.  On this occasion their group was made up of Elsie and Linda (this was their third visit to “Tre Cancelle”) and two new friends called  Jane and Helwyn. They took a stroll around the pruned olive trees and assessed the magnitude of the problem.  Amazingly they began to volunteer to help us to clear some of the debris. 

Helwyn proved to be a real workhorse, and seemed to see this as something of a personal challenge and really got stuck in.  The other lasses soon followed suit and helped us no end.  Some mornings they were up at 6 am working in the rain to get things moving.  They worked like Trojans and we had some huge roaring bonfires.  In fact they were not satisfied until the groves were completely cleared of prunings and everything was left looking incredibly spick and span.

We also now had an abundance of olive wood to chop up for firewood for the chilly winter evenings.  Amazingly these girls had paid to come on holiday to “Tre Cancelle” and ended up working throughout most of their stay.  They even talked of coming out again to help during the olive harvest. 

"The Welsh Girls"We cannot say just how much we appreciated all of their help and how much we enjoyed their cheery company. 

This gave us an incredible boost as we felt once again in control of the situation, and could now fully concentrate on our long awaited trip back to the UK.  



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