10 – Our Darling Grandsons Visit


Jamie and Tommy
Jamie and Tommy

We arrived back at “Tre Cancelle” to discover that the weather in Italy had turned very warm indeed, with temperatures in the high 30’s.  Scorchio !!!  Our friends Pauline and Filippo had done a wonderful job of looking after the dogs during our absence.  The hounds were, as you can imagine, very pleased to see us back.  We set about catching up with things and preparing for the arrival of Vicki and our 2 darling grandsons.  


The little ones (now not so little) had grown so much and are developing well.  Jamie, aged 6, is very inquisitive and incredibly  interested in numbers and computers.  Tommy, aged 5, is more sporty and especially good at ball games, being remarkably co-ordinated for his age. 

We took the boys down to the beach most days, the sand was so hot that it scorched the tender soles of our feet.  During that week the boys learned to swim and hold their breath under water, they were just  like little water babies or pescellini “little  fishes”.

Of course the boys loved playing with all the dogs and helped us to bath all 9 of them. Yet, too soon their holiday was over and on the morning of their departure, as we drove out of the driveway, Tommy burst into tears holding his head in his hands, sobbing uncontrollably  at the thought of having to leave dear old Barney behind.   

After they had gone the house at “Tre Cancelle” seemed far too quiet, however our next set of visitors were soon to arrive, so once again there was plenty to keep us busy.





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