18 – The Fire – The Following Day

View from our house of the scorched hillside.z01

The woodland, or the charred remains of what was left.z02



We are still taking stock of the situation.  We estimate that the fire consumed around a total of 10 acres of woodland and scrubland.  As the fire has practically cleared  all the undergrowth we have decided to benefit from it and establishing  more precisely the boundaries of our land.  We have decided to start fencing it off, mainly to prevent the hunters from traipsing all over our land, and destroying the wildlife (which we would quite like to protect).  

One part of the hillside that gets the whole day’s sun, I had the ideal of planting a little vineyard. 

Maybe …………. Time will tell.


Just a few days later, like the Phoenix rising out of the fire, tiny seedlings, of the freshest green and dainty pink miniature wild cyclamen began to push themselves up through the ashes.


The Miracle of Nature !!!




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