19 – Birthday Boy

This week was Paul’s Birthday. In the evening we were invited  out for a meal with two of our very special English Students, namely Pasquale and Raffaele

Also invited was Filippo, who was born in nearby Formia, but had lived many years in Sheffield, Yorkshire.  Now he and his wife have purchased a house on the outskirts of Itri, and have become our close friends.  From time to time Filippo helps out Paul with jobs around the grounds of “Tre  Cancelle”, and in June we much appreciated their help as they looked after our hounds, so that we could go off on our trip back to the UK. 

Pasquale excelled himself , going to a great deal of trouble to organise Paul’s very special birthday supper at his apartment in Itri. It was very sweet of him and we had a super evening which we will always look back on fondly.

Pasquale, Paul, Filippo & Raffaele

Pasquale, Paul, Filippo & Raffaele

The “Birthday Boy”



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