20 – “Just Tinkerbell”

In September we welcomed our youngest guests to-date, 2 year old Tom and 5 month old Ben, of course accompanied by their mummy and daddy !!!  They were a lovely young family, who had come to coastal South Lazio to meet up with family who had been sailing their yacht  around Italy and Sardinia during the summer months.

Maggie and Ian plotted their approach into Anzio, through a channel, marked on their chart as being clear, however, the channel had become silted up over time as the local authorities had not been diligent in dredging it. With quite a swell behind them the boat soon ran aground, and became firmly stuck.  Eventually it had to be towed off and lead into safe harbour at Anzio, however the vessel had taken quite a battering, and the steel wire rigging, holding up the 50ft mast had snapped.   

After being in dock for a couple of days for some urgent repairs, they decided  to motor down the coast to Gaeta, to finally meet up with the rest of the family.  Meanwhile a chandlery in Anzio was appointed to make them some replacement rigging.

The reunited family spent a couple of nights here at “Tre Cancelle”, which gave us the opportunity to get to know them all.  Maggie and Ian kindly invited us to go and have a look at their boat, which was named “Just Tinkerbell”.  

The day for our arranged visit, the Anzio chandlers arrived with the new rigging.  Ian was keen to get it fitted, and elected to do this major task himself, climbing up and down the mast using just a climbing harness.  Despite all his arduous work,  it soon became evident  that the chandlery had made the rigging  too long, so it all had to be taken down again, and the chandlers returned once more, saying that they would have to take the rigging away again to adjust it.

Maggie and Ian were a little downcast, as these problems were going to delay their departure, however they warmly welcomed us onboard, and opened a bottle of bubbly to toast our friendship. 

This was the first time I have ever been on such a boat, and I was surprised to find that below decks it was very beautifully and comfortably fitted out, with a saloon/dining area, galley, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

We really enjoyed all the family’s warm company and will always remember our special visit aboard “Just Tinkerbell”.


All The Family Aboard "Just Tinkerbell"

All The Family Aboard


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