23 – Market Day in Atina

Market Stall By The Palazzo Ducale

Market Stall By The Palazzo Ducale

The family in Atina were keen to meet Paul’s father and thus invited us up to have lunch with them. 

It was a Monday when Atina’s weekly street market was in full swing. 

Farmers flock in from the surrounding countryside with their fresh produce and gastronomic delights. 

There is a wonderful variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables, and also a selection of local cheeses such as Pecorino, Caciocavallo, local salamis, prosciutto, and of course olives.

Atina is renowned for its excellent Cannellini beans,

which we bought fresh that day, still in their pods. 

These  are traditionally served

as a thick and hearty pasta and bean soup known as

“Pasta Fagiole” or in the local dialect “pasta fazul”

… as quoted in the Dean Martin song)  

“When the stars make you drool,

Just like pasta fazul,

That’s Amore !!!”


The Bean Feast or Fagiolata is normally held in Atina in late summer.

This is my New Atina Website (2016) http://atinaitaly.com



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