31 – Our Olive Harvest Volunteers – Linda and Linda

The first set of our “Welsh Girl” Volunteers arrived for 5 days during  the last week of November, “Big Linda” and “Little Linda”

Sunday evening Paul went to collect them from Itri Station.  We had been in contact with them by through texts via mobile phones, so we knew which train to meet.   We had warned them to sit in one of the front half a dozen or so coaches, since Itri station has a fairly short  platform which doesn’t always extend to the full length of the train. 

However  the girls failed to heed our advice, and found that they had to throw off their suitcases first and launch themselves off the train into the darkness !!!  Eventually the two happy travellers appeared out of the gloom at the end of the platform, a little weary but nonetheless glad to have arrived !!!  We shared a piping hot lasagne and glass or two of vino in front of the log fire to round off their long day.

Unfortunately during this period the weather seemed to be set against us and for the first two days there was heavy rain and strong winds. This frustratingly kept us housebound, yet it was good to catch up with each other’s news and enjoy some friendly company and the odd game of cards.

"Little Linda" Gathering Up Olive Nets

"Little Linda" Gathering Up Olive Nets




Barney Dog Helping "Big Linda"

Barney Dog Helping "Big Linda"

Eventually on the third day there came a break in the weather and at last we were able to get out into the groves for two successive days.  Despite the fact that we were now operating on some sloping terrain, which is more challenging to work on than the flatter areas, by the end of the second day we had collected just over 300 kg of olives which we felt was quite an achievement.  This batch topped our previous maximum load taken to the mill, in a single delivery which produced just under 60 litres of extra virgin olive oil.  


Well Done Girls !!!

We can’t thank you enough for all your help.

The Linda’s also had the opportunity to meet one of our English students, Raffaele, and we enjoyed an evening of his friendly banter.

Friday morning Paul took the girls into Itri to buy their train tickets.  The girls had planned to fit in a quick visit to the Trevi Fountain in Rome, to throw a coin in – to ensure their return, before catching their train to Ciampino and flight back to Bristol.







One thought on “31 – Our Olive Harvest Volunteers – Linda and Linda

  1. We rely on our city friends to come out from Wellington to help us with our harvest. Thank goodness for helpful volunteers!

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