36 – Christmas 2008

Christmas Eve we wanted to spend with the little ones and Vicki.  With them we decorated some Ginger Bread men biscuits for Father Christmas, and also left him some mince pies and some carrots on the doorstep to sustain the Reindeer during their arduous night of travelling. 



Yes !!!  In the morning the goodies were gone, except for a few crumbs

and the carrots had duly been partially gnawed !!!

And as for presents – there were so many !!! 


The little ones must have been VERY GOOD this year !!!


On Christmas Day we were all kindly invited to lunch at Chris and Marilyn’s where we all ate more than exceedingly well.  What an array of traditional culinary delights they had prepared !!!

Then in the evening we, Paul’s father and sister were invited to dine at Esmé’s in Bristol for yet another meal of gastronomic delights.  Several of Em’s friends were there, as well as her daughter and grandchildren.



After the meal there was another round of exchanging presents, some gifts being more traditional and others a little less so, hence raising a few eyebrows. Paul’s father, due to circulation problems in his legs has recently been prescribed several pairs of surgical stockings. 

There was great hilarity when Peter opened one special present from Esme … 

A dainty ladies suspender belt !!!


Boxing Day Paul’s Dad drove us down to Poole in Dorset to visit Paul’s brother Mike and family for yet another special day, a delectable festive spread and good company.


On the last day of our stay we went shopping in search of some new bedding, some teapots and certain supplies which we are unable to buy in Italy.  That  afternoon we spent with the grandchildren before hugging them and saying our goodbyes.  Chris and Marilyn had invited us to spend the evening with them as Paul and Chris were eager to discuss our project of selling some of our excellent olive oil in the UK.

On the morning of our departure we had fun and games, weighing and reweighing our cases, redistributing things from one case / bag to another.  In the end we had to leave certain goodies behind, and before long we were winging our way back to Italy.

The dogs were all excitedly awaiting our return. 

Yes all 10 were present and correct !!!



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