41 – Our New Website about Atina, the Val di Comino and Ciociaria

Announcing our New Website about Atina


 Atina  is a place very dear to my heart.


My maternal Italian grandparents originated from this sweet little town.  

Our first holiday in Atina was 25 years ago. I still have cousins who live in Atina and they kindly invited us to come and stay with them for a fortnight. They wined and dined us. Mara is a wonderful cook. Mario took us out and about in his car to see some of the local towns in the Val di Comino. All in all they thoroughly spoiled us. We fell a close connection with Atina and the scenic Val di Comino.


We often visit Atina, Montecassino and surrounding area, and are getting to know the area well.

Last weekend we explored the village of Caira, The German War Cemetery at Cassino, the nearby village of Caira, Picinisco and Gallinaro.

One of our hobbies is Family History.  Last year we had 3 sets of guests here with us at “Tre Cancelle” who were tracing their family roots in the Atina / Ciociaria area.  We did our very best to help them and took them all on a tour of the area. 

If perhaps you share my enthusiasm for Atina or have family that were born there we would love to hear from you. We have also started a Group on Facebook called We Love Atina. 

Perhaps you might like to join and meet other people that share Atina connections. 

 The New Atina Website: http://atinaitaly.com



97 thoughts on “41 – Our New Website about Atina, the Val di Comino and Ciociaria

  1. Hello
    Found you web site while trying to find information of my grandfather, who died in Atina. My mother does not know the year he was born or died. Can you help me by advising me on how i can find the dates i am looking for. I recognised Atina from you photo’s I did go there as I was growing up, the last time I visited Atina I was 18y now i am 53y. I am in the middle of doing my family tree and would welcome any information at all. Or would you know of any one out there that could find my Grand fathers head stone and retrieve the information for me, his name was Luigi Visocchi, I think he died early 60’s. If I have no joy by emails then at some stage i will have to take a trip out to Atina, from the UK.

    Kind regards
    Brigida Rita Lucia Varley.

    • Though this web site I have had contact from my cousins in Canada, that you so much. We are not busy emailing each other for information on our family tree.


      • Hi Brigida Now I remember your mother name is Margherita the other name that I e-mail to you is my cousin in england sorry for the mistake .Thanks Luigi Visocchi p.s If you talk to her say hello to her from me tell her I am figlio the Malone ( that was is nick name)

  2. MyPicinisco parents also were from Atina. My mother would talk a lot to us about Picinisco. My husband and I took our first trip to Italy in Oct. 2007 and visited with cousins I never met. It was wonderful and everyone is very hospitable and welcoming.

  3. My father was born in Atina back in 1889 and came to the UK with his parents around 1895. The family settled in London and in Newcastle and there are still many relatives around in the UK but, as far as I know, none left in Atina. Last time I was there was about 5 years ago. I fould people slightly suspicious because I think they are worried that descendants are trying to find out if they still have land etc. there. It would appear that the Franchi family were comparitively wealthy as there is still the Franchi Olive Mill which my father said was owned by the family when they left. I would love to know the reason my Grandfather and his brothers upped and left. I am told that they came over here by train which in those days was unusual. If anyone knows anything about the family back in the 19th. century I would be very surprised but also very interested. My father’s sister went to NZ at the end of the FIrst World War and her descendants are all over NZ now. Obviosly she lost the family name when she married but it was one of my cousins in NZ that told me about this site.

    • My name is Renata. I know that this mail is not expecting that, but I am trying for several years a contact with Tony Franchi who spent many holidays at Forte dei Marmi with his family. By chance I found some information on this site and I do hope you might be the right person. If I was so lucky, please reply me.

  4. My name is Robert Vercesi. My grandmothers maiden name was Delicata and she was born in Atina in 1878. She came over to England when she was about 13 years old and settled in London with her older sister Laura. My grandmother’s christian name was Loretta. She married my ghrandfather, Orazio Vercesi, in London in September 1898. They had twin boys Romolo and Remo in August 1899. One of these boys, Romolo, was my father. My grandmother’s father was Domenico Delicata and her mother’s maiden name was Manzi.
    I was wondering if the name Delicata is familiar to you as I understand it is quite a popular name in Atina and in the Frosinone area.

    • Hi. Robert,My greatgranfather was name Giuseppe Delicata and came from Atina-Birmingham about 1800.,My grandfather Raffaele was 15mths old on the1881 census but we are having difficulty in opttaining a birth certificate.On the 1881 census the name is spelt Delicatto they lived at 33, Bartholomew st,Birmingham Warwick.Your greatgrandmothers maiden name Manzi is no a name that I have come across in my research!! Regards Paula.

    • Hi Robert.
      My name is Paul Pesce and I live in Ireland.
      My Dad is from Atina and yes the name Delicata is from that area.
      My Godfather is Nicki Delicata and is from that area.
      I do know a few more people with the Delicata surname that also from the area but living in Scotland.

      • Ciao Paul, Thanks for leaving a message on our Tre Cancelle Blog.
        Do feel free to join our ” WE LOVE ATINA !!! ” Group on Facebook.

        We are currently orgainising a Gathering of people with family conbections in Bella Atina in Mid September 2014 – This will be held on the weekend of 26th / 27th / 28th September 2014.
        The following Wednesday (1st October) is the Feast of San Marco, Atina’s patron saint.

        You would be welcome to join us.
        Ciao for now !!!

    • Hi Robert,

      My great grandfather was Orazio Michele Delicata who is the brother of your grandmother. I have also traced the family back to Domenico. I currently live in Bologna and I am planning on visiting Atina in a couple of weeks. Would be great to know if you have any further information.


  5. Hi I am the author of LIVERPOOL’S ITALIAN FAMILIES and also have a spot on BBC radio Merseyside’s Nostalgia programme. The book sold out within several weeks of it’s launch and has now gone for a second print!
    My Great Grand-parents, Michele D’Annunzio & Fortunata Mancini both came from Atina and travelled to Liverpool in 1878 setting up the first welcoming house in Liverpool’s Little Italy. I have visited Atina several times and have fallen in love with the place. I very proud of my Italian heritage and have dedicated a whole chapter in the book to both Atina & Picinisco where most of Liverpool’s Italian Families came from. Our Italian Consul Nunzia Bertali and Liverpool’s Deputy Leader Flo Clucas(Valerio) presented a copy of my book to the Italian president because of it’s chapter dedicated to the sinking of the internment ship SS Arandora Star, also a relative of mine, Antonio D’Annunzio who had settled in Glasgow drowned on board 2nd July 1940 aged 34. If anyone has any information regarding my family history in Atina I would appreciate it.
    Yours Debra D’Annunzio

    • Hi My great gran came from Atina – Rosalea Mancini 1864 and left in 1890 for London where she married Vittorio Prete from Casale, Isernia. They then came to Glasgow and had cafe .I think there might be a Fortunata Mancini in my tree.

    • Debra What a coincidence to see that your Great Grandmother is named Fortunata Mancini because my Great, Great Grandfather’s name was Fortunato Mancini born in Atina in 1824 (tx to Loiuise Shapcott for that date!). Be great to hear from u! I am also a member of the “We love Atina” page on Facebook.

      • Debra What a coincidence to see that your Great Grandmother is named Fortunata Mancini because my Great, Great Grandfather’s name was Fortunato Mancini born in Atina in 1824 (tx to Loiuise Shapcott for that date!). Be great to hear from u! I am also a member of the “We love Atina” page on Facebook.

    • Hi Debra,
      My mother was Leah volante and I believe we are related as both michele and fortunata were also grand parents of mine somewhere in the distant past.

  6. Hello,
    I was in Atina 13 1/2 years ago. I found my long-lost cousins, the Rossi family, while I was there. My grandfather, Tony Rossi, emigrated from Atina to Detroit, Mi around WWI. Its wonderful to see these pictures of Atina. I have many fond memories though I haven’t been back since my first visit there… when my cousins took me in without knowing me at all, and we had a wonderful visit. I’m hoping to connect with my english-speaking cousins with the last name of Fortunata, they own a pensione in lower Atina.
    Jade (Rossi) Pierce
    ps. there used to be a little community in Watertown, Ma – where there were many immigrants from Atina!

    • Hello, both my parents were born in atina, and are also from Watertown Ma. It’s pretty amazing how 100’s of imigrants from atina had all relocated to the same towns. Good luck on your search!…Paul

  7. Hello every One

    So nice to read that you have been to Atina and loved it, I do remember it very well and yes it’s a lovely places, next year I plan to go with my husband as he has not yet had the pleasure of seeing Atina. I do have cousins still living there, I am going to visit my mother who lives in Moniano which is about 2 1/2 hours drive from Atina, it’s a flying visit. I hope to obtain from her the address of my cousins in Atina, then from there, I will plan my trip to Atina. 🙂

    If any of you have information on the Visocchi family I would love if you could contact me. by email. My cousins names were Angelina, Michale, Stephan, and Anna-Maria. Does these names ring a bell to any one?


    • Hello Brigida,

      I can’t help you with any information on connections in Atina, but have this to offer for genealogical interest. My grandmother immigrated to the US and moved from the Boston area with three small children to a small mill community west of Boston called Maynard. As a child, I can remember her taking my mother and I to the Visocchi farm to pick mushrooms. I later learned that my grandmother, Maria DiVito, and Mr. Visocchi knew each other from Atina.

      I have no idea if any Visocchi’s still live in the area.

      Best regards, Mark

      • There are many Visocchis in Atina. My partner Mary is related to the Tutinelli family there and at Christmas we stayed at the Palazzo Visocchi with Pierluigi and Paula Visocchi and their daughters. I no longer have their email address, but a postal address. Lovely, lovely people.

        We will be going back to Atina this year sometime – hopefully sooner than later 🙂


      • Hi Mark

        I have read you reply on this site, it’s been some time since I have done any back groud work on my family tree, due to work commitments. I do have cousins still in Atina, who are from my mothers sister side which I have lost contact with. (Carolina). This is so hard to try and find out more as my mother now living in Moiano, Benevento, does not remember very much at all about my grandfather. I don’t think she remembers any thing about my great-grandfather either, she is 82y now.

        I feel next year I would like to plan a trip out to Atina, with my husband to see if I can locate any of my cousins.



    • I Brigida I believe that you must be one of my relative my grantfather name was Luigi Visocchi and my grantmother name before she got married was Luisa Randolfi they both where from atina and your mother name is Maria (Caira)

  8. Really interesting to read everyone’s connections with Atina. My father was born there in 1937 and came to the UK in 1949 after the war and settled in Birmingham where he lived and worked until 2004 when he and my mother decided to spend their retirement back in Atina where they still are now. We started visiting relatives towards the end of the 1990’s and we were always made so welcome. We loved the area so much we decided to buy an apartment in 2003 which we use as a base when we visit my parents. There are many Di Duca’s in the area and every time we go we accidently find another long lost relative. We’re off again in a couple of weeks to see my parents and to enjoy the food, wine and beautiful scenery that the area has so much of.


  9. Hi Anita Di Duca

    I live in Birmingham, was born in Hemel Hempstead, I would love to know were in the West Midlands you are located. You may be able to help me in locating my relatives, as you know Anitna is not a big places and every one knows every one. Please let me know if you can help me at all.

    Loved reading you clip


    • Hi Brigida my name is luigi visocchi I live in stoney creek ,ontario , canada. My grantfather’s name was Luigi Visocchi and my grantmother’s maiden name was Luisa Gantolfi.your mother’s is Margerita she is my father’s sister Carolina is also my father’s sister.Can you please get in touch with me.Thanks Luigi Visocchi

  10. I am taking my mother for the first time to visit Atina which is where her mother’s family originally came from – the amata/Amato family who moved to Ancoats in manchester, or in her father’s case to Glasgow.

    Any ideas for what I should do during our short trip at the end of May to help her really relish the experience – no Italian spoken!! – and I wonder i f there are still Amata s living there……….

  11. Hi,

    I’m researching my partner’s Italian Ancestor’s, the family name throughout the years have been spelt diffrently (Coppeller, Coppella, Copola.) His Great-Great Grandfather was Philip Coppeller born 1856/1857? and we are not sure wheter it was in Atina or Gallinaro.When he got married in England in 1876, he put his father was a farmer called John who was deceased. Can you give me any tips where I start to look for this information.



  12. Hello,
    I just came across this site by accident and read that you are looking for Viscocchi family members. My family is originally from Casalvieri, Frosinone but we now reside in Windsor, Ontario Canada. There are a few Visocchis here in Windsor as well and they originated from Atina.
    Domenico Visocchi resides here in Windsor, he just celebrated his 100th Birthday, his wife Anita passed away quite a few years ago. They have three children here and possibly other relatives.

    • I am a Visocchi. My parents are Fortunato Visocchi and Serafina Visocchi(Volante of Frosinone). He is the son of Guiseppe and Beatrice Visocchi (Nardelli). I know of the Visocchi’s of Windsor quite well. I know Domenico and Anita’s daughter, Antonietta the best, since her cousin Gina Fazari (Visocchi) and myself are very close ( as our parents were). Gina’s father and my father were very close since they lived very close toone another in Atina, and they were the two Visocchi’s to leave Windsor and settle in Hamilton Ontario. My Uncle Renato and his daughters Renata and Nila still live in Italy with their respective families.
      My parents and brother immigrated to Canada in 1952. No other family immigrated from my fathers immediate family.
      Its rather odd,we are 2 fractions of the Visocchi family from Atina that are not directly related but feel related since we have relatives in common from the Volante (maternal) side of the family.
      Unfortunately my greatest sources of information have passed on, but I do remember alot of what my father told us.
      I hope this helps.



  14. My great uncle Angelo DELICATA (Born circa 1882) married
    Elvira Blanche Ida AMATA (Born circa 1890). Angelo was born in Atina. I don’t know when or where he married Elvira. There is a distinct possibility that they met and married in London in about 1910. I don’t know where Elvira was born but it is possible that we are distantly related if she was born in Atina.

  15. Hello, I am the Great Great granddaughter of Federico Battaglia, born 1837(the son of Luigi Battaglia b1807,and Gaetana Tutinelli ) he was married to Carmela Secondini b 1834, they had a son called Filippo Battaglia b1858 and a Daughter Filomena Battaglia.b1864
    Filippo married Emilia Maria Teresa Amata b 1860 was the daughter of Antonio Luigi Amata b1833 and Carmela Vecchione b1834.
    Wold be lovely to here from anyone who could be a distant cousin.
    Gina UK Northamptonshire.

  16. My name is Carole Rossi. My husband’s maternal side of the family is from Atina—the name is Fortuna. We have heard that the great grandfather Fortunato Fortuna owned a cantina and owned property he rented to other locals. Have you ever come across this name? The son was Enrico Fortuna –he married Angelina D’Inverno (her father was Giovanni D’Invero).
    The paternal side of the family was from Villa Latina—the surname is Rossi. Giuseppe Rossi was my husbands grandfather–his wife was Elisabetta DiTroia.
    I have some birth, death and marriage records but would like to know as much as I can about this family.

  17. My name is Noeleen Kino the only connection I have to Atina is that my eldest brother was named Atina, I named my son and he named his son Atina. My dad and two of his brothers, served in the New Zealand 28th Maori Battelion another of their brothers’ was in a regular unit, they were stationed around Casino during the 2nd world war, I think there were about 4 other families that named their son’s Atina, my brother was called Artie, my son is Ardy and some of the others’ are called Archi, I just like to say hello, or kia ora

    • Hi Noeleen,
      How very interesting. Yes I had heard that New Zealand troops served in the Atina area. Atina went through some terrible times during the war – being so close to Montecassino. Today it ia a peaceful beautiful community overlooking the beatiful Val di Commino and the Abruzzi mountains. Thank you so much for getting in touch, Louise

  18. My name is Madeleine Ferrara I am from Ayr and have been living in Spain for 40 years.
    Both my maternal Grandparents came from Atina.
    Maddalena Tamburro, born 1890 & Antonio Domenico Mancini, born 1885.
    My Grandfather at 6 years of age was taken to London to live with a Mr. & Mrs. Tortolani, friends of the family. My Grandmother at the age of 19 immigrated to Glasgow with the help of a family friend. They were introduced, probably by a family member and they married. Most probably this was an arranged marriage.
    They lived in the town of Ayr, Scotland and built the Royal Café in New Road. It still belongs to the Mancini family.
    During the II World war my Grandfather was forced to leave his wife and 6 children, to be shipped to Canada on the Arandora Star along with over 1500 Italian, German and Jewish prisoners. The shipped was torpedoed by a German submarine, over 800 perished, unfortunately my Grandfather was one of them.
    My Uncle Ralph (Mancini) and other members of our family visit Atina quite often. I went there when I was 7 and I would love to go back and get to know the town and if possible meet family and friends.

  19. My father was born in Atina on June 5,1914 and cAme to USA in 1919 with his family. My father was Orazio J. Bianchi and his twin brother Mario. His mother was Assunta (Valente) Bianchi and his father was Allesio Bianchi. I would li,e to find any Information on my family that is available.thank you
    Geri Bianchi

  20. My great great grandfather was born here in 1869. Trying to find out any and all information I can. His name was Antonio Tavolieri.
    Thanks you
    Deborah Arrandale

  21. I am helping my friend trace her family history. Her great grand parents were Guiseppe Iannarelli, born 1868, and Maria C Verdicchio, born 1877.
    They married in Atina, Italy, in about 1893. They came to England in 1894 and had two babies in Plymouth. They returned to Atina where my friend’s grandmother, Annina Iannarelli, was born in 1902. They came back to England and settled in Darlington, County Durham. The had another six babies, making nine children in all.
    Any information about the Iannarelli or Verdicchio families in Atina would be very welcome and much appreciated.

    • My paternal grandmother was from Atina – Di Maio was the name. Believe she left for Glasgow with her parents in the 1920s. Does anyone know if there are still any people of that name in Atina? My father passed away a couple of years ago, and I have found myself ever more inclined to explore my Italian roots.

      • Nick join the “We love Atina” page on facebook, I am sure u will be able to find more information there. There are over 100 members, so many of us have found information concerning our relatives. It’s a really nice page and lovely people there and the response is great!
        Best of luck!

  22. I am searching for information on my great grandmother Celeste Carmela Caroselli who was from Atina. She married Michele Pagano who was born in Caserta. please let me know if you know anything about them.

    • Ciao Lynn, Thank you for your message. I am sorry I can’t help with any further information. Do you have any more info, dates, etc?
      On Facebook there is a Group called “We Love Atina”. I have sent you a friend request on Facebook so you can join too.
      Ciao for now !!!

      • Celeste was born around 1861. She arrived in New York in 1891 and was married in 1888 to Michael Pagano from Caserta. She had a child Figlia who was shown on the ships passenger list but must not have survived. She does not appear on any census in the US. Would the church in Atina be able to help me???

      • Ciao Lynn, So far I have not been able to link in your Celeste Caroselli into the large ATINA FAMILY TREE. However there are other Caroselli’s who may have been related? Will email you. Ciao for now !!!

      • Ciao Lynn, Thanks for leaving a message on our Tre Cancelle Blog.
        Do feel free to join our ” WE LOVE ATINA !!! ” Group on Facebook.

        We are currently orgainising a Gathering of people with family conbections in Bella Atina in Mid September 2014 – This will be held on the weekend of 26th / 27th / 28th September 2014.
        The following Wednesday (1st October) is the Feast of San Marco, Atina’s patron saint.

        You would be welcome to join us.
        Ciao for now !!!

  23. I’m searching for information on my grandmother Catharina Vickioni, who was born on 23rd June 1892 in Atina. All I know is that she left Atina around 1912 to marry my grandfather Johann Reumkens in Aachen Germany at the age of 19. My grandmother and her son (my father, born in 1913) left my grandfather to settle in Rotterdam, Holland. She died in Rotterdam in 1943. The registry office in Rotterdam mentioned that the name could have been misspeld. I would like to get any information, especially for my 17-year old son, about our roots in Atina.

    • Hi, the surname would be spelled Vecchione. You would have to contact the Anagrafe (Register Office) giving her name: Catterina Vecchione and her date of birth to ask for more information. Here are the details:
      Email normali: p.sabatini@comune.atina.fr.it
      Telefono: 0776.628827
      Fax: 0776.611022
      Indirizzo: Piazza Volsci, 1, Atina, Frosinone, 03042, Lazio, Italia

  24. Ciao!!! We are searching for information about my grandmother’s family. Her name was MARIA LORETO STRUGLIA. Her father’s name was Angelo. Brothers: Michael, Romeo, and Pasquale. Atina is listed as the last place of residence on their immigration manifest. It appears that the mother’s name was PAOLO COLUMBA but it is difficult to tell for certain. Any information so appreciated. Grazie mille! ~linda

    • Hi, my mother was Maria loreto Struglia, her father was Struglia Angelo.
      her mother was Calcagno Eleuteria. My mother was born in Fontana liri superiore.

      • Hi all !
        My Father (Giovanni Francesco) was born in Atina in 1950 (moved to Belgium when he was 7)
        My Grandfather (Antonio Fortunato) was born in Atina in 1909, married to Filomena Maria Di Troia.
        My Grandgrandfather (Rocco) was born in Fontana Liri in 1879, married to Giovanna Di Fiore from Atina
        My Grandgrandgrandfather (Domenico) born in Sgurgola in ?, married to Giovanna Tancredi from Castrocielo
        Just spoke wih my Dad who confirmd that my Grandfather Antonio had several brothers, Domenico, Ascari (who died when he was 5), and one brother who died during WW II on the “Teseo” boat. It could be that he had more brothers.
        I’d be happy to hear from anyone who could be related to me !
        my email: sarah.struglia@gmail.com (mention family struglia in the subject to avoid spam)

      • Ciro — I just saw your note here. Sorry.

        This is VERY odd. I know that there are many common names but it seems pretty strange that there is a Maria Loreto Struglia with a father Angelo Struglia in your line as well. A second family of my great-grandfather? Can you tell me anything else or maybe get in touch with me? lbertani868@gmail.com



  25. I am trying to trace anything known about my grandfather SALVATORE MATASSA born in Atina in 1882, came to Southport, UK at about 17 years of age. I would be grateful for any information

  26. Hi Jean, my name is Graham Matassa and my grandfather was Salvatore Matassa born in Atina, 1882 also. We must be related, are you Peggy’s daughter? I am Frank Matassa’s son, living in New Zealand. Would be great to hear from you via email: matassa@ihug.co.nz

  27. Hi, I am researching my family history and doing quite well with the English side of it. Though I am struggling with the Italian side.. My Great grandparents came from Atina and were named, Antonio Leonardi and Maria Giovanni (Giovanna?) Tortolani (Torfolani?) They were actually married in Atina in January 1891 before they left to go to Forfar in Scotland. It would be great if anybody could perhaps help me with my search?

    Many thanks Mary

    • Ciao Mary, I was very interested to learn of your family connections with Atina. Did you know we have a group on Facebook named “WE LOVE ATINA !!!” Please feel welcome to join.
      Email: ph.shapcott @ btinternet.co.uk

      • Thank you for your reply Louise, I will certainly join the “We Love Atina” group on Facebook. It sounds really interesting. I came across this website by accident, and I’m so glad I have found it! Mary

    • Hi Mary, I have a Maria Tortolani in my family tree married to Giovanne Tamburro, my Great, Great Grandparents. I do not have their dates of birth but their son Filippantonio Tamburro was born 1853.
      U would love the “WE LOVE ATINA” page on Facebook. We are one huge family and u can find so much information.

      • Hi Madeleine, Thank you for your reply, I have just joined Facebook and look forward to being included in the ‘huge family’ on it. I hope I will be lucky and find out a lot of information about my Italian relatives. Mary

    • Mary. I have just found your post over three and a half years late. My great grandparents moved from Atina to Forfar in 1890s. They lived in Victoria Street, Forfar and had a couple of shops; Castle Street and High Street. We may have something in common. I am on Facebook if you wish to make contact. Graham Di Duca

  28. Ciao
    I am about to start researching my Italian roots and trying to find information about them and any other family I might have and came across your website, my paternal Grandmother was Italian and my great-grandparents were from Atina their names are Antonio Cervi and Beatrice Marcantonio I don’t at present have birth dates etc but do know my great grandad was a confectioner. I don’t know when they moved to Scotland but my Gran, Maria was born here on 14th October 1898, she married my Grandad, James Davidson on March 11th 1926 and my Dad, John was born 20th January 1929. My great Grandparents owned a cafe in Kirkintilloch a town outside Glasgow. It’s all a bit vague but hopefully someone might recognise names etc.

    • This information may be of interest to you, Filippo Cervi was residing 53 Gun Street Ancoats,Manchester and recorded on the 1911 census, his age is given as 52, occupation as ice cream vendor. Also recorded are the following Sabatino aged 17, Rose aged 18, Mary aged 14,Dolarato aged 10. My maternal family Coppola occupied the same house previous and are recorded on the 1891 census. The Amato family also occupied 53 Gun Street circa 1911. The name Cervi is also very common in Picinisco which is approx. 7 kilometres from Atina. A number of families moved from Ancoats to Glasgow early 1900’s and branches of those families still reside in Manchester, Valvona,Amato,Crolla,Rossi,Coppola to name a few

      • amato and amata are both present in atina in our case the family name is originally amato and ch ange due to mis spelling Manchester was a stepping stone to America however when grandfather arrived work was available and soon his mother one sister and youngest brother followed two further brothers and a sister followed but went onto Glasgow pietro was married in Manchester at st michaels ancoats one sister went back to atina

  29. I am not from Atina but from San Giovanni In Fiore Cosenza, I married my beautiful wife 40 years ago and visited Atina the first time in 1974,love at first site for me. we have been back every year with our children and created beautiful memories for them and us. We recently purchased a small apartment just below the main church, at the end of July I will enjoy my first two weeks there and hopefully many great times to come. Atina is full of history and traditions, very much alive and full of great people. Anyone in Atina during the first two weeks of August please stop in and ring the door bell. My name is Gino Longo and my dear wife is Silvana (nee Marini) we live at 23 Planka Road. We live in Windsor, Ontario Canada.
    Look forward in meeting anyone that has origins in this hidden jewel. Cheers.

    • Ciao Biagio, Thanks for leaving a comment. Yes we too absolutely love Atina. We may get up to Atina towards the end of July. Perhaps it might be possible to meet up? You can email me at ph.shapcott @ btinternet.com (with out the spaces around the @). Ciao for now !!! Louise

  30. Anyone out there recognize my family names.
    My grandfather Tomaso Bove born 1876
    My great Uncle Antonio Bove born 1863
    Their father Dominic Bove born around 1840s
    Their mother Loretta DelGreco born around 1840s.
    Any information appreciated. All thought to from Atina.

    • Ciao Margaret, Thanks for leaving a message on our Tre Cancelle Blog.
      Do feel free to join our ” WE LOVE ATINA !!! ” Group on Facebook.

      We are currently orgainising a Gathering of people with family conbections in Bella Atina in Mid September 2014 – This will be held on the weekend of 26th / 27th / 28th September 2014.
      The following Wednesday (1st October) is the Feast of San Marco, Atina’s patron saint.

      You would be welcome to join us.
      Ciao for now !!!

    • Ciao Anna !!! Thanks for leaving a message on our Tre Cancelle Blog.
      Do feel free to join our ” WE LOVE ATINA !!! ” Group on Facebook.

      We are currently orgainising a Gathering of people with family conbections in Bella Atina in Mid September 2014 – This will be held on the weekend of 26th / 27th / 28th September 2014.
      The following Wednesday (1st October) is the Feast of San Marco, Atina’s patron saint.

      You would be welcome to join us.
      Ciao for now !!!

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