Announcing our New Website about Atina, the Val di Comino and Ciociaria

I have always felt that I have “Bella Italia” in my blood

and the little mountain town of Atina in Frosinone

 is a place very dear to my heart.


My maternal grandparents originated from the beautiful  Comune of Atina, Frosinone, Italy, overlooking the River Melfa and the Meta and Mainarde mountains, and the Abruzzi. 

This region is also known as Ciociaria, the name is derived from an ancient rudimentary type of footware “Le Ciocie”, typically worn by shepherds of the area. I am proud to be able to call myself a “Ciociara”.


15 years ago Paul and I spent a memorable fortnight staying with some of my Italian cousins, in Atina.  It was our first meeting, but we were so warmly welcomed and received into the family fold and Atina transpired to be even more charming than I could ever have imagined.


We often visit Atina, Montecassino and surrounding area, and are getting to know the area well.

Last weekend we explored the village of Caira, The German War Cemetery at Cassino, the nearby village of Caira, Picinisco and Gallinaro.

One of our hobbies is photography and another is Family History.  We’ve recently joined the Anglo-Italian Family History Association. 

We are researching the following surnames in the Atina area:

Leonardi, Del Prete, Rossi, Farina, Salvia, Bracciale, Tortolani, Di Fiore, Pesce, Massa, Capogrossi, Rolfi

Last year we had 3 sets of guests here with us at “Tre Cancelle” who were tracing their family roots in the Atina / Ciociaria area.  We did our very best to help them and took them all on a tour of the area. 

If you share my passion for Atina, the Val di Comino and Ciociaria, or if you have family that originated from this beautiful area of Italy  … 

Please do feel free to get in contact. We would love to hear from you. 

We have also started a Group on Facebook called “We Love Atina!!!”  Perhaps you might like to join and meet other people with Atina connections.