42 – Some Unexpected Additions To Family

You may remember our Christmas trip back to the UK, as recorded in our Blog, and you may also be familiar with the phrase …  “While the cat’s away the mice will play”  …
Well, in this case it was the dogs who played !!!


It appears that whilst we enjoyed our little break, our dog sitters, through no fault of their own, were a little less adept at keeping the pooches in their normal enclosures, and Trixie, the only un-sterilised female got a Christmas present from Lucky, or was it the other way round!!! 

Either way 11 days ago Trixie gave birth to 5 puppies, 4 boys and a girl.  We originally thought Deefer was the most likely responsible candidate,  but none of them share his reddish rusty colouring so this seems rather doubtful now. 

It is more likely to have been Lucky

Lucky by name, Lucky by nature??? !!!





 The only saving grace is that it is generally easier to re-home dogs rather than bitches, so we must remain hopeful that we will be able to find good homes for them all. Judging by their current size and growth rate, they are not going to fall into the lap dog category, but more guard dog material of reasonable proportions.  If Trixie and Lucky are the parents, at least they should be attractive in canine terms, which may help their likelihood of finding new homes.  Trixie is proving to be and excellent and very protective mother.

We have named the puppies as follows: 

"Monty" and "Georgie"

"Monty" and "Georgie"

"Maisy" and "Bertie"

"Maisy" and "Bertie"




Help !!! 

 Any contributions to the “Tre Cancelle Dog Fund” gratefully received !!!




4 thoughts on “42 – Some Unexpected Additions To Family

  1. Good morning Luisa e Paolo! Thurs 03/05/09 7:30AM

    Well, Ziggy and I are just in stitches this morning. So there was a little tomfoolery while you were off in the UK, was there? I don’t know, Alfie seems to have a little reddish in him, but maybe it’s hard to tell by photo. In any case, the malefactor’s identity has been assigned to Lucky – Ziggy avers that Lucky sports the grinning happy face of a culprit and dad. And, maybe it’s just the photo, but Trixie looks like she is in a state of shock! The little “bundles” are, of course, absolutely darling. Look at those little paws and toes – how cute is that! Ziggy wishes so much that he could take them under his wing and show them the ways of the world – to begin with, how to play and have a good time. Later on towards the mid to end of toddlerhood, the training of mistresses – an in depth study requiring much “hands on” experience. A mentor, Ziggy feels, will smooth the way.

    We hope it is a fine day in Itri – March in Italy – last I was in Sicily was in March and it was just gorgeous. Envy, envy……………I enjoyed your post about Atina – I still have the pretty postcard you sent me years ago from Atina – I think it was your first trip there! And I agree, it is a very lovely place. I’d love to visit it.

    Ziggy and I send “chuck chucks under the chins” to the woof gang and to you two also!!
    Thanks for sharing – love lora & ziggy

  2. Oh my goodness Louise!! Your puppies are so darn cute! My boys would LOVE to adopt all of them if they could! Our dog Belle (a springer spaniel) is also sterilized and can’t have puppies. Our youngest son Caleb begs me incessantly to get him a puppy so Belle won’t be so lonely!! I tell him that Belle is not lonely…she has two cats to chase and play with! Good luck in finding good homes for them!

  3. I worked in Rome for many years and was very friendly with Renata Caira(visocchi), then we lost touch and I remembered the ice cream palour in Dundee and her love for her family town of Atina. If Renata reads this, I would love to know if she settled in Italy or returned to Dundee and ice-cream. We were both teachers.

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