45 – How Quickly A Year Passes

Yesterday was the first anniversary of my dear father’s death.

To most he was known as Hugh or Hughie, but in Italy also took on the name of “Ugo”.  I must admit I felt quite sad yesterday and shed a tear or two as I remembered how poorly he had been during his last year or so.  A year ago today he was laid to rest in Itri Cemetery.

We have recently had both my parents’ graves completed.  I designed the motifs for both.  I chose a daffodil for Dad, to signify his Welsh roots, and a Rose for Mum, as this was her favourite flower.





We feel pleased with the results.  This is another step in coming to terms with their passing. Our sorrow is gradually diminishing, as we are comforted by many cherished memories and the feeling that their spirits live on within us. Personally I don’t feel that Mum and Dad are down there at the cemetery, I feel that they are constantly with us here at “Tre Cancelle”, watching over us and the rest of the family that they loved so much. In fact I often find myself talking to them.



Yet, Italians have a great respect for the dead.  Italian cemeteries are not grey and sombre, as are many in the UK.  Here they are well frequented, beautifully kept and the graves are generally well tended, with offerings of colourful flowers, plants, lanterns and votive candles in honour of the dear departed loved ones.


 Tina and Hugh Davies

May They Rest in Peace And Forever Remain In Our Hearts.





2 thoughts on “45 – How Quickly A Year Passes

  1. My thoughts are with you Louise. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute. The cemetery reminds me of a beautiful garden in Spring!

  2. My wife and I will be comming to Itri from mid September untill mid November.I curently have plans to rent a house for 1000 dollars a month
    (not euros). Can you beat that price. I will be coming to Itri once or twice a year(we are retired). We will be in Itri for two or three days this month; the 23rd thru the 26th. Please contact me a.s.a.p. so my wife and I can plan to visit and look at the residence before we come in Sept.
    I’m sorry for your loss.

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