50 – The “Woof Gang” and Puppies

Well the puppies are now 7 weeks old, and my haven’t they grown!!! 

They are  now eating us out of house and home

and are very lively, a real handful.

We have decided to definitely keep little Monty 

(Louise and Monty have bonded).

We are really hoping that our English friends here in Itri,

Pauline and Filippo, will soon take on Bertie and Alfie.

So we are currently looking for good, caring homes for

little Maisy and Georgie, which aren’t so easy to find in Italy. 

As you can imagine we are finding it really hard trying to manage all 15 dogs.  Feeding them all is bad enough, but we now have to think of vaccinations for the pups, and boosters for the other 10, plus Frontline for fleas and ticks etc, which doesn’t come cheap. 

We would just like to say – Many, many  thanks to Tony and Joan  – for having very kindly donated the money that should have been spent on Tony’s birthday present, to help us care for the dogs, and also for all their help in the past. 

So, Please, Please, Please …

Would anyone  out there like to help us out by sponsoring a dog ???

You can see the rest of the “Woof Gang” here: 


Also take a look at :
















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