51 – New Homes For The Puppies

Last weekend the puppies were 8 weeks old, and fully weaned and thus ready to leave their mother.  We had to start thinking of how we could find good homes for them.  We decided to try placing some adverts on the internet (in Italian of course) …

“We are 4 sweet puppies, in good health, all looking for a good home, and love from a family or from people who are truly animal lovers. 

Not Hunters !!!

We are very affectionate and so much want to be loved and to play.”

The very same day we received several enquiries.  A young lady by the name of Oriana rang us to say she and her family were  very interested in adopting “Bertie”. She said that they lived  in Tuscany, so we had to work out a way of meeting up with her and her family.  Finally the meeting place was decided on, Ciampino airport. “Bertie” was wonderfully behaved during the journey, and as we drove into the entrance of the airport we could see the family eagerly awaiting us.   They had everything prepared, and had even purchased “Bertie” a stylish black diamonte collar and lead.  Unfortunately it was a little to large just yet.  They said they were thinking of renaming him.  He now has the stately name of  “Prince” !!!

Oriana and her "Prince"

Oriana and her "Prince"

"Prince" and his new family

"Prince" and his new family

On Sunday we received another phone call, this time from a little closer to home in Pontecorvo, which is situated about 40 km inland from Itri. A young chap called Massimiliano was interested in adopting one of the male pups. That afternoon he and his father drove down through the rain to find us.  On seeing the puppies they found it impossible to choose between “Alfie” and “Georgie”, so they ended up adopting them both, which we were pleased about, as they would keep each other company.    We have since been in contact with Massimilliano who emailed  to say that the puppies are very happy as they have a large garden to run around and play in and he has also kindly sent us some photos.  The family have also decided to rename them as “Atilla” and “Ringo” !!! 

Massimiliano and the 2 pups

Massimiliano and the 2 pups

"Attila" and "Ringo"

"Attila" and "Ringo"

Another email enquiry was from a young lady called Federica, who said she came from a family who were mad about animals, and that she lived in a villetta with a garden.  They already had one dog, but she wanted to surprise her family by giving them a second.  She asked us to help keep it a secret as it was to be a big surprise for her Mamma.  On Monday evening we drove to Frosinone,   “Maisy” proved to be a bit of a handful in the car, but eventually calmed down and went to sleep.  Fede have us good directions, we had arranged to meet in the car park of MacDonalds.  Federica and a couple of friends were waiting for us.  She took hold and cuddled Maisy immediately, and promised that the puppy would be well looked after. She also has been in further contact saying that the whole family have really taken to Maisy, and that she is happy, settling in and eating well.


Fede and "Maisy"

Fede and "Maisy"


We really hope that we can keep in touch with all three families and receive updates on the puppies’ progress. We have been invited to visit them all when we can, which will be a pleasure.











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