52 – Just Monty

So now little “Monty” (Montague, not Montgomery) is all on his own.

Well hardly !!!  …

What with  Paul and I doting on him, Louby and Meggie doing their share of puppy sitting.  (Trixie has decided she has had enough of motherhood !!!)  

As he gets older he will gradually integrate into and become a fully fledged member of the “Woof-Gang”.

One Man and His Dog
One Man and His Dog

He is a funny little “man”. “Monty” not Paul !!!

He is very playful and loves company and cuddles, especially with Paul.

We weighed him yesterday and found that he already weighs 5½ kilos. 

He looks as if he has a touch of Labrador about him, but I think it more likely to be “Maremmano” from the Maremma region of Abruzzo, a type of dog used for guarding flocks of sheep.  See:  http://puppydogweb.com/caninebreeds/maremma.htm

Whatever he is, he is bringing us much joy and keeping us well on our toes !!!

Our grandchildren Jamie and Tommy can’t wait to come over and play with him during their holiday here in July.

I expect Monty will have grown a fair bit by then !!!





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