56 – Dad and Esmé’s Visit

We very much enjoyed Dad and Esmé’s stay, even though we were somewhat preoccupied with Deefer’s snake bite and final preparations as new guests that were to arrive shortly.  During his holiday with us, we belatedly celebrated Dad’s 80th Birthday by holding a little “Afternoon Tea Party” here at “Tre Cancelle”, inviting a number of our friends. 

That week we were all invited to visit my cousin’s in San Donato  for lunch.  Dad very much enjoyed meeting Antonella, after having read about her trials and tribulations regarding the Earthquake in L’ Aquila.


Cousin Elena, Dad and Antonella

Cousin Elena, Dad and Antonella


Peter was keen to explain to her that he had shared a similar experience.  During the war, as a lad, he had been evacuated out of London, to stay with family in Exeter.  However during this time the house they were living in was bombed during one of the German Baedeker raids.  Dad had taken refuge in the house’s Morrison Shelter,  and somehow managed to scramble out of the ruins and debris virtually unscathed.



One thought on “56 – Dad and Esmé’s Visit

  1. How wonderful to have your Dad and to celebrate! Make sure you run a video cam at times while everyone clebrates – set it and let it run off in a corner – do not worry to always aim the lens – just let it run so you record all those wonderful conversations and stories for later transcription! I regret we did not have a video camera when Valentino’s mother was still alive and lucid. She would tell us stories about the War in Itri – she lived up at the old portion of town – her house shared a wall near Santa Maria – when the planes came, she heard them, ran outside and realized she could not escape. She hid in the arched door of the church and she was spared although much of the church and all of her house was destroyed! She was unhurt ecept suffered concussion deafness in one ear!

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