55 – Deefer Update

It seems simply ages since I have found time to update our Blog. 

Life here in Italy is always busy, something new going on.

Following on from our last episode:  “The Proverbial Snake In The Grass” …….

Deefer thankfully made a slow but good recovery from the snake bite.  We are pleased to report that he is back to his old self.  In fact I think having had a “near death experience” he has decided to take each day as it comes and live life to the full !!!  

During his illness he was thoroughly spoiled,  getting hand fed with mince and chicken. 

He regularly manages to tunnel out from the dog compound and the other night was waiting for us at the top of the drive, looking Oh so very full of himself !!!


Monty, is no longer little – in fact he is growing fast !!!  He is quite intelligent and good natured.  But I wonder, just how big he will become ?


He is settling in well with the rest of the “Woof Gang”.  He particularly likes play fighting with his mum, who is in fact quite rough with him, and he follows Louby his adopted Mum everywhere, she shows endless patience with him, as he can be very demanding at times !!! 

Last week we finally got around to getting  Trixie sterilised, so no more puppies.  Big sigh of relief !!!

Just to say …

Many thanks yet again to Joan and Tony for their latest kind contribution to the dog fund. 

We really hope you will come and visit up here at “Tre Cancelle” so you can meet the hounds one day soon. 

The “Woof Gang” send their “pen friends”  “Maisy” in the UK  and of course “Ziggy” in the States.



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