58 – Nature’s Bounty

The weather here in Itri has been somewhat changeable during May and June, but the rain is so good for the garden.  This year we have been working hard on our veggie patch or orto as it is known in Italian.  I have grown a number of plants from seed, as well as buying a few at the Friday Itri market.

We have planted:  courgettes, cucumbers, aubergines, peppers and chilli peppers, tomatoes of various shapes and sizes, French beans, mangetout, radishes, spring onions, sweetcorn, cauliflowers, Brussel Sprouts …… So we should have a plentiful supply of fresh veg throughout the summer.

At long last I seem to have mastered the art of growing Basil – and we have three fragrant varieties.


We have also had a bumper crop of Amarena cherries, which Paul harvested and converted into jam, and even some nespole, which we have just learned are better known as medlar or loquat.

Soon the apricots will be ready, then the plums, (susine), the figs are plumping up on the trees and the walnuts are doing as well as ever.  So we shouldn’t go hungry – that’s for sure !!!


Paul is amazed, as back in the Spring I had a go at pruning the grape vines that are scattered all over our land (diligently following Franco’s instructions). 


I am not too sure what I did, but we seem to have a bumper load of grapes this year.  

 Hopefully “Chateau Tre Cancelle” will be forthcoming in September !!!



One thought on “58 – Nature’s Bounty

  1. I say invest in a giant tub, Louise, and then get out there with the grapes and start stomping……………we’re into olive oil…….now how about bottling your own vintage!!

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