62 – Giugno 2009

Towards the end of June some of our dear friends, the “Welsh Girls”, came to visit yet again – for some this was their fourth / fifth visit to “Tre Cancelle” !!! This time they were “Tall Linda”, Elsie, Kay and her daughter Kirsten.


Unfortunately the weather here in Itri during June was somewhat unpredictable this year, indeed the summer seemed to be tardy in getting going.  However the girls managed a couple of trips to the beach and as always enjoyed shopping for bargains in many of the local markets.   They met our friend “Mustafa”, a young trader who specialises in handbags, belts and sunglasses. 


He positively “stands out in a crowd” as he is remarkably tall, of a height that must be approaching seven feet, with dark chocolate skin.  Whenever he sees us he enthusiastically comes forward to warmly greet us with a few words of English, a beaming toothy smile and a hearty handshake.  We have learned that he came from Senegal on the Ivory Coast of Africa.  He told us that he likes “the English” as he had lived for a short while in London. He was only too pleased to offer the girls some discount on the purchases.

A few days later our younger son Ben arrived with his old school friend, Keith, it was great to see them both.  We celebrated by all going out for a meal at a restaurant in Itri by the name of Hosteria De Gustibus, where we found the food to be good and reasonably priced.


Another evening we were kindly invited to eat at Florisa and Franco’s house, where she put on a wonderfully delicious spread as always.  Grazie Bella !!!


During their one week’s stay Ben and Keith managed to fit in a day trip to Naples to visit the Museo di Capodimonte, then a trip to Rome, including an overnight stay in hostel, to visit some Art galleries and explore some of the famous sites, and generally soak up the atmosphere in the Italian capital.


Wherever they went they seemed to fit in a game or two of Chess !!!





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