63 – The Night of the Belly Dancing

We decided to organise a little BBQ evening to celebrate Kay’s birthday.

Also our English student Raffaele had just finished his final exams at university and we wanted to festeggiare and wish him a “Buon Viaggio” on his trip to California during the summer months.  We also invited our photographer friend, Luca, and his family and a very “merry” evening was had by all.






Elsie is famed for her belly-dancing, she is part of a team of girls who perform in the South Wales area. 


She had especially brought some of her belly-dancing music CD’s and had purchased some jingly costume accessories from an excellent  stall we had found at Fondi market.  Towards the end of the evening, having all imbibed “just a little” some of us girls decided to give the dancing a try.  Well I am well built for it I suppose, being somewhat curvaceous !!! 

And then …. some of the boys thought they’d try too !!! 

The result – Absolutely hilarious !!! 









One thought on “63 – The Night of the Belly Dancing

  1. memories of an absolutely fabulous night. It was a birthday party to remember. Thank You to our wonderful hosts, my brill friends Paul and Louise. As always the best place to be for good food, good wine and very good company. Thank you again ciao ciao xx

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