67 – Itri – Feast of La Madonna Della Cività – Part Two


By night the town was festooned with multi-coloured electric lights and numerous stalls lined the streets, selling an array of toys and confectionery such as varieties of traditional nougat or torrone, toffee apples, caramel coated nut bars, and liquorice root, as well as savoury snacks such as freshly roasted peanuts, toasted pumpkin seeds and lupine beans.


For each evening a concert was organised, with music ranging from anything between Classical, Traditional, Neapolitan to Pop.

This particular  evening was the final night of the 2009 Madonna della Cività celebrations.  A huge stage had been erected in one of the main squares and there was to be a concert starring the Italian singer  Raf  (Raffaele Riefoli) .     



For a tiny little town such as Itri, this was a truely amazing gig and light show and we, along with the huge crowd that had gathered, found ourselves happily dancing and singing along to the music.

You can listen to some tracks of Raf’s latest CD here.



Also see: Feast of La Madonna della Cività – Part Three



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