70 – Nostri Nipotini

During July we really enjoyed our two grandsons’ visit to “Tre Cancelle”,

accompanied by their Mum Vicki and her partner Alex. 

Jamie and Tommy are both very bright sparks and growing up so fast, and have done very well this year at school.

They always enjoy their trips to Italy and are picking up a little of the Italian language.  They came laden with lots of doggie treats for the “Woof-Gang”. 


The boys particularly enjoyed :

Several trips to the wonderful sandy beaches


Tucking in to the local cuisine



Hunting in rock pools for crabs and octupus


Playing in the Park in Itri



The slides and swimming pool at Itri Aquapark




And best of all ……….

Sampling all the ice-creams !!!



Positively Scrumptious !!!


xxxxxxxxxxxxx  We miss you !!!  xxxxxxxxxxxxx



3 thoughts on “70 – Nostri Nipotini

  1. Your grandsons are just precious; they seem to love visiting you and appear to treasure their Italian visits. So good to hear from you with all the updates. A great job!

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