72 – Keep Taking The Pills

A quick up-date on Paul’s health.  Slow Progress I’m afraid !!!

photo by *


Following a check-up with the Cardiologist during August, and a second one last week, it seems that despite taking the Warfarin anticoagulant tablets for several months now, Paul’s blood has still not yet reached the right level of liquidity for him to be able to undergo the Cardioversion treatment, to hopefully get his heart back into regular sinus rhythm.  The treatment can only be given, once the blood’s clotting factor or INR reaches over 2, and 5 consecutive weekly blood tests give the same reading.  So it looks as if it could possibly wait until November to have the Cardioversion.

So understandably Paul is feeling somewhat frustrated, having really hoped that by September he would have had the Cardioversion treatment and would be feeling better by now. 

 He is getting really tired of feeling tired !!! 

He finds it difficult to do anything slightly energetic, and the jobs that require doing are beginning to pile up.  Particularly gathering up all the wood that was left after the olive pruners cut back a large section of the olive trees back in June.  We need the wood to keep us warm in the wintertime, as we would rather use our wood-burning stove than gas, and save a whole lot of money.  Now that the weather is pleasantly cooler, we will just have to try to do it a little at a time, or “piano piano” as the Italians say.

* photo by blmurch 




One thought on “72 – Keep Taking The Pills

  1. I do hope Paul is so much better soon! I was looking at all the photos from 1999 in Exeter and Exmouth…..Barney on the beach………..oh, Paul MUST be better soon. And I MUST have a job soon so that I can come over and do jobs for Paul and work in the olive grove, pick grapes – do something useful! Take care of yourself, Paul!

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