78 – Atina – Feast Day of San Marco Galileo

On the 1st October we decided to take a trip to Atina, which is about an hour’s drive from us at “Tre Cancelle”. This was the Feast Day of Atina’s Patron Saint, San Marco Galileo.

Saint Mark was a disciple of Saint Peter the apostle and whilst on his way to Rome Saint Peter is said to have ordained him as the first Bishop of Atina in 45 AD.  San Marco was martyred in approximately 96 AD and a church was built on the site of his burial.


His statue resides in the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, and his feast day is celebrated in Atina each year with a formal religious procession,  brass band concerts are held in the square in front of the cathedral and the celebrations culminate in a grand firework display. For the occasion, at night the town is beautiful illuminated with impressive displays of fairy lights.








There is also a procession on San Marco’s official feast day which falls on the 28th April.

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Atina, the Val di Comino and Ciociaria


All photos by me © Louise Shapcott

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