87 – A Very Filling Day

Every once and a while we get a surprise phone call around mid morning from our Atina cousins, saying that on the spur of the moment they have decided to pay us a visit, that they are on the way and not to worry as they have everything pre-prepared for lunch !!!

On this occasion cousins Mario and Mara were accompanied by Mara’s sister Graziella and close family friend Anna. They arrived with a delicious sausage sugo and a tray of freshly made spaghetti, purchased  that morning from the “Fresh Pasta Shop” in Atina.  Mara quickly took charge of the kitchen and a large pot of water was put on the hob to boil.

After a tasty, filling repast we all elected to go for a little  passeggiata with some of the dogs to help work off some of the meal.

As our cousins bade their farewells and set off for home we realised that that same evening, we had been invited to dinner by our friends Anna and Salvatore.

As  soon as we arrived at their apartment, it was clear that Anna had been hard at work all day in the kitchen preparing an delectable meal. We chatted convivially while we waited for another friend, Pasquale, to arrive .  The dining table was already richly spread with small homemade pizzas with various unusual toppings including courgettes and squash.  Soon battle commenced as we began to tuck in !!!

Salvatore proudly explained that this evening we were to feast on the products of their recently butchered pig.  Having dispatched the pizza slices, we were all presented with a generous dish of polenta served with a tomato sugo, extremely filling as you can imagine !!!

Then came the next course of  spare ribs and homemade sausages. At this point we were struggling, however another course was waiting in the wings – sliced roast pork with contorni of peas and onions.  Then a mixed leaf salad, to cleanse the palate before the desserts, coffee and liqueurs.

By the end of this epic meal we were absolutely full to bursting, but thoroughly enjoyed the superb cooking.  Compliments to the chef !!!

Thanks once again to Anna, Salvatore and family.

All photos by me © Louise Shapcott


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