88 – Six Nations Rugby

Although Italy is one of the teams in the Six Nations Rugby Tournament, it seems that in this area of southern Italy there are very few followers of the sport.

At last, Paul has found a fellow rugby fan, Clive, who even better, is an England supporter.  Clive and Marilyn are our new British friends, who have recently settled in nearby Gaeta.  As the Six Nations is now only televised via Sky Sport, which none of us currently subscribe to, this left Paul and Clive wondering how they could get to see some of the matches. 

The first Saturday afternoon of the championship, we asked our great friends Florisa and Franco if we could possibly invade their living room to watch the first two games. As always they were more than obliging and during the matches Franco showed considerable interest in learning some of the rules of the game, which previously had always been totally beyond his comprehension. (He’s not the only one – as  I am none the wiser !!!) 

Although I was born in England, I do not  feel particularly English, so I usually follow my family roots and side with either the Welsh or Italian teams.  I also have some Irish blood in me – so it can get very complicated !!!  Sadly on this particular occasion I seem to have jinxed both Wales and Italy, the final scores being Ireland 29 – 11 Italy and  England 31 – 17 Wales.  Consequently Clive and Paul were jubilant !!!

Here’s a photo of Franco, Paul and Clive,

Paul is wearing his smart new rugby shirt –

a surprise Christmas present from sister Annie. 

Thanks Annie !!!

photo © Louise Shapcott

The following Saturday we managed to talk Florisa and Franco into lending us their Sky Card for the duration of the weekend.  Clive and Marilyn joined us at “Tre Cancelle” to watch the Saturday games.  The match Wales v Scotland was so exciting right up until the last minute and the final score was Wales 31 – 24 Scotland.  Well done Wales !!!

That weekend Italy also showed some real spark during their match against England.  Brava Italia !!!

Perhaps at long last they are beginning to get the hang of this weird and wonderful game !!!



Tre Cancelle Farmhouse Apartments Near Sperlonga Beaches and Historic Itri, South Lazio, Italy


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