95 – Welcome To Itri

Over the past few months we have been corresponding with a family living on the Isle of Mann, they had found us via our “Tre Cancelle” Blog.  They were making plans to leave the damp and cold of the UK to start a new life in Italy.

Davide is in fact Italian, from the north of Italy, whereas Nandi was born and has spent most of her life in South Africa.  They have three lovely children: Tomasso, Dante and Giada. What beautiful names !!!

Davide, having some relatives living in Itri, felt that this would be the perfect place to make their new home.

From our own experience we were able to offer them some guidance and advice regarding some of the challenges they were liable to experience, with Italian bureaucracy etc. etc.

It just so happened that their arrival date here in Itri coincided with our holiday in the UK, but soon after we arrived back we had the opportunity to meet up with them all which was a great pleasure.

The shyness of the 3 children soon wore off as they warmed to us, and we soon learned what three little live wires they can be.

As with most children of their age, they immediately fell in love with the “Woof-Gang” here at “Tre Cancelle” and as you can see they have enjoyed helping to give several of the “woofers” a bath. Of course the kids got as wet as the dogs !!!

They are a lovely family and we wish them every success in their new life in Italy.

By the way, if anybody out there needs help with

Designing their Web Pages, Davide is your man !!!


If you would like any advice on relocating to Italy

or indeed coming here to Itri / Sperlonga, South Lazio on holiday,

let us know and we will help if we can.

All photos by me © Louise Shapcott


Tre Cancelle Farmhouse Apartments Near Sperlonga Beaches and Historic Itri, South Lazio, Italy


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