97 – Handbag Heaven

During our visit to the UK we were invited to lunch at our dear friend’s home in Bristol.  Esmé, as a part of the continuing celebrations for her birthday, was keen to cook for us. As always the fare was most delicious and we enjoyed, with Paul’s Dad Peter, a very pleasant couple of hours in her good company.  She has a real zest for life and lives each day to the full.

She has an eye for interior design and her apartment is beautifully decorated, mainly done by her own fair hand, and adorned with many of her own colourful oil paintings and remarkable photo collages.

She is also a dab hand on the old sewing machine.

It has to be said … that Esmé is a bit of a “Handbag-aholic” !!!

A habit which is easily fed during her many visits to us here at “Tre Cancelle”, during which she has spent many a happy hour browsing the local market stalls for unusual handbags and bargains.  Indeed, when she is here she is in “Handbag Heaven”. She never fails to haggle with the North African stall holders, in whatever language is most useful, to achieve the very best discounts. Consequently, she never fails to fly back home rather heavily laden – with many more bags than she came with !!!


Esmé, Peter and Paul, Gaeta Harbour


 Ciao Em !!! Looking forward to your next handbag expedition !!!

All photos by me © Louise Shapcott


Tre Cancelle Farmhouse Apartments Near Sperlonga Beaches and Historic Itri, South Lazio, Italy




2 thoughts on “97 – Handbag Heaven

  1. Ciao! How wonderful to see these photos! I have to laugh because Valentino always says I need one empty bag to take home all the handbags and shoes I buy each trip to Itri! Unfortunately this is probably true – I never buy either here in the US anymore — I wait until I visit Itri!
    I so enjoy your posts – they alternate between making me ‘homesick’ for Itri and filling my heart with joy!

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