99 – Itri – “La Bellavista”

We have a favourite little Restaurant / Pizzeria in Itri that we tend to frequent quite regularly.  It goes by the name of the Bellavista.  It is perched on a hill-side overlooking the town and the view of Itri is truly magnificent, both by day and by night.

We like the restaurant because it is a well run, small family business, it is unpretentious but it serves good food and good wine at reasonable prices.  We have become good friends with the owners.

From the menu you can choose from a good selection of pizzas which are prepared to order and baked in their own wood-fired oven.

Alternatively, if you would like a traditional Italian meal then you can choose from the following courses:

Antipasti (starters)

Primo Piatti (a selection of traditional pasta dishes)

Secondo Piatti (main courses of meat, fish or sea-food)

and Contorni (side dishes of vegetables or salad)

For Dessert they offer a selection of cheeses, fresh fruit salad or a variety of ice-creams.

Unlike some local restaurants, if you do not wish to have a huge Italian meal of numerous courses, you can choose to order just one or two.  The staff here do not make you feel pressurised to order more than you really want.

The atmosphere is informal and relaxed and it is open from 7.30 pm each and every evening.

We would highly recommend it.

Ristorante Pizzeria “Bellavista”

Via Mezzabrino, Itri (LT)

Tel: 0771 729 698  Mobile: 392.8686006

For More Information about Itri and the surrounding area please take a look at our South Lazio Website



All photos by me © Louise Shapcott


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7 thoughts on “99 – Itri – “La Bellavista”

  1. Sounds wonderful! If I judged your life Italy on your blogs it sounds as though you spend all your time eating, drinking and enjoying spectacular festivals. You’ve certainly excited my curiousity to visit.

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