111 – Puppy Mayhem

You may recall that back in August some of our American guests found two puppies abandoned by the roadside.

What could we do other than take them in a look after them?  They were just six weeks old, starving hungry and covered in fleas and sores from flea bites.

See our previous post:


Well just to report … Yes they are still here with us. They are now approximately 12 weeks old  and have grown about three times the size and are well and strong.

However they are both little characters.  The male, “Mini Max”, now just named “Max”, as he is not exactly mini these days, is naturally very calm, docile, very loveable and cuddly, but is also a keen escape artist.


The female, who was originally named “Little Lizzie” we now more often call “Busy Lizzie”, as she is always up to mischief and somehow manages to rope in “Max”.

Busy Lizzie

We use a plastic washing airer on which we peg clothes out to dry,  and have regularly found items missing or strewn on the ground, or even worse – used for a tug or war.

“Busy Lizzie” also just loves digging, especially digging up my lovely collection of potted plants,  the remainder of which we have had to move onto the back patio for safe keeping.

However one day the gate was left open and the result was puppy mayhem.

They are also keen on a good old “rough and tumble”.

We have asked around our friends if they could possibly help by taking on a dog or two, but sadly there have been no takers.  Not far from here there is a large kennel, a compound run by the local Comune for the many dogs that have been abandoned in the locality.  We are told that the dogs are well looked after, but it doesn’t seem that they have much of a life in there.

So the total of “Woof-Gang” members currently stands at 13.

As you can imagine it is quite a job looking after them all.

Our kindly vet, a nephew of our dear friend and Doctor, comes up to help us from time to time.

All the older dogs have just had their booster vaccinations for this year, and the puppies have also now been inoculated. The Vet  is so kind as he only charges for the medication and not for the time he spends here.  We are always deeply endebted to him.

Paul has recently befriended a couple who run a Butchers shop in Itri. Once or twice a week they put by some off-cuts and large bones to boil up.

The bones are so large that Paul has had to cut them up with his chain saw.

The resulting meaty broth certainly gets the canine noses twitching !!!


More About the Tre Cancelle “Woof-Gang”:


Any donations to the “Woof-Gang” Fund always gratefully received.

All photos by me © Louise Shapcott


Tre Cancelle Farmhouse Apartments Near Sperlonga Beaches and Historic Itri, South Lazio, Italy


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