116 – A Strange Package Arrives For Barney and Louby

Whilst at the Food Festival in Gaeta we bumped into our Itri Post Lady who told us that back at the Post Office a parcel had arrived for us.  So early the following Monday morning Paul popped down to Itri to collect it.

I think Paul at first thought that it must have been a birthday present for him, however when we examined the package thoroughly we noticed it was address to Mr Barney and Ms Louby Shapcott from the Burroughs family, friends who had come to visit us at Tre Cancelle and help out with the “Woof-Gang” several times now.

The Burroughs Family 2008

Drew, Morgan and Barney 2008

Louby and Barney were greatly excited as it was not often that they received packages in the post.

They watched eagerly as Paul began to open the box.

Louby was especially curious and sniffed to see if it might contain a tasty morsel or two.

But no, no tasty treats this time,

two flattish square shaped objects wrapped in paper.

Morgan, aged 11 and a budding artist, had painted both Louby’s and Barney’s portraits in oils.  They were very cleverly executed and he has perfectly captured their individual characteristics.

Louby by Morgan Burroughs

Barney by Morgan Burroughs

Bravo. Well done Morgan !!!

Your paintings now hang in pride of place at “Tre Cancelle”.

Grazie to all the Burroughs family – Morgan, Drew, Eleanor and Dean.

We, Louby, Barney and the rest of the “Woof-Gang”  very much look forward to seeing you again soon at Eastertime.

All photos by me © Louise Shapcott


Tre Cancelle Farmhouse Apartments Near Sperlonga Beaches and Historic Itri, South Lazio, Italy


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