131 – Project “Tre Cancelle” Gateway – Stage 1

For some time we have had the idea of a Front Gateway on our wish list, but sadly our funds had never quite managed to stretch to this. However recently Paul discovered he had been left a modest sum by his late uncle.  

We really felt that, regarding security and privacy, a gate would give us added peace of mind, especially for the Woof-Gang,  having sadly lost our dear old Deefer to a car accident earlier this year.

Thus, we enlisted the help of our friendly builder Stefano, who has worked on many of our building projects here at “Tre Cancelle”.

Stefano had in mind to create some stone gateposts, with a steel beam at their core to support whatever gates we later selected.  He and his loyal team, arrived early on the Tuesday morning to commence work and wasted no time in getting stuck in. 

To provide added strength the two pillars were to be connected by a steel reinforced trench.   

Whilst for the time being, it was intended to be a simple gate Stefano, as always, thought ahead making sure to install cable conduit for the provision of possible additional features such as motors for electronic gates, lights and intercom system.

Our land is liberally scattered with limestone outcrops, and beautiful pieces of rock appear when you are working the land.  Over the years we have been carefully conserving these, knowing that eventually the time would come when they would be put to good use.

The builders spent much time on selecting and shaping individual rocks by hand for the construction.

Little by little the stone pillars took shape. 

After much hacking back of shrubs and undergrowth Stefano proceeded to construct a curved wall into which he incorporated both the electric and water meters.

Along the top, at appropriate distances he cemented in some water-filled plastic bottles, which once everything was set, could be removed to provide mounting holes for fence posts to be installed.  We had seen this nifty trick in construction many times before, but for years did not realise why it was done.

Finally a wire mesh fence was fitted along the top of the wall.

We now await the steel gate frames to be made and delivered by the blacksmith.

Stefano, Pasquale and Cipriano

All photos by me © Louise Shapcott



3 thoughts on “131 – Project “Tre Cancelle” Gateway – Stage 1

  1. Loved the new front stone work. Don loves to work in stone and he was a bricklayer before he retired. Cant wait to see the lovely iron gates. What a Nice entrance to come home to. Love from Cuz Laura in Australia xxxx

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