132 – New Swimming Pool For “Tre Cancelle”

Whilst it takes very little time to get to numerous lovely golden sandy beaches, we have always felt that a lovely addition to “Tre Cancelle Farmhouse” would be a swimming pool. 

Not yet able to afford a fully built-in pool we decided to install a quality, steel sided, above ground pool of ample dimensions, ie. 6.1 metres by 3.75 metres.

A substantial base was going to be required to support the weight of the some 21 m3  of water incorporated in the pool.

So Stefano and gang set about excavating material from high points of the terrain, and then redistributing it at lower points until a level base area of about 50 m2 was achieved.

Then they mixed and carefully laid a reinforced concrete base.

The next day Stefano set about tiling the base, by the end of a hot and sticky sunny day poor Stefano was exhausted by the heat and his poor old knees were suffering badly.  That said, he did a really splendid level job and the following day the tiles were then able to be grouted.

Having checked off all the parts against the swimming pool parts list,  the instructions were pretty easy to follow step by step.

Before long the pool began to take shape.

And …..

Hey Presto !!!


Sincere thanks to Stefano, Pasquale and Cipriano for all their hard work

and making it all happen !!!

All photos by me © Louise Shapcott


Tre Cancelle Farmhouse Apartments Near Sperlonga Beaches and Historic Itri, South Lazio, Italy

3 thoughts on “132 – New Swimming Pool For “Tre Cancelle”

  1. I love it – it looks very similar in size to one that I helped build in a previous life in Sydney when we lived on a steep slope. By the time that we had built a platform on which to stand the pool and add decking level with the lounge room there was enough height to build a room under the pool. We understand that subsequent owners turned this into a soundproof music room for their son to practise on the drums.

    Your paving looks absolutely beautiful, what a great addition to the front of Tre Cancelle. I do hope it encourages heaps more visitors to Tre Cancelle.

  2. I enjoy reading your daily life adventures – the pool and now a formal gate – and what a gate it is! They are both beautiful – I can hardly wait to visit!love lora and annie ps Annie says, re: the gate, that if there is a will, there is a way!!

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