136 – The Belly-Dancing Extravaganza

When Elsie, and two of her belly-dancing friends, Karen and Sylvia, volunteered to come and help us with the olive harvest, I begged them to bring their costumes, so that perhaps we could put on a little show. 

They have been attending belly-dancing classes for several years, perfecting the necessary muscle control and complex choreographed manoeuvres of this dance form. They belong to a dance troupe who perform locally in South Wales.

I organised for the “Belly-Dancing Extravaganza”  to take place one evening at the Bellavista Restaurant, which is run by our good friends – la famiglia Riccardi.

We had invited several of our Italian friends from Itri, some of whom have known Kay and Elsie for many years now, but in true Italian fashion, up until the last minute we had no firm idea of how many people would be able to attend.

We arrived in good time, so that the girls had time to dress and prepare themselves.

Then, one by one our invited friends started to come through the door and it soon became apparent that there was going to be a good turnout for the evening’s entertainment.  This resulted in augmenting  the girls’ pre-performance nerves, which were already running somewhat high. 

The girls looked absolutely stunning as they elegantly swished their way onto the dance floor.

Their glamorous costumes were richly bejewelled with sequins, glass beads and jingling coins.

Each had taken great care in putting together their exotic, eye-catching ensembles.

Sylvia dressed in rich purple …..

Karen dressed in vivid scarlet …..

and Elsie in opulent black and gold …..

As the rhythmic music began the girls began to gracefully undulate and gyrate, whirling and twirling, with a shimmy or two of the hips.  Their elegant flowing movements were seemingly effortless. 

The audience was totally captivated by their magnificent performance.

Especially Massimo !!!

Later members of the audience were invited onto the dance floor to try their hand at some of the typical moves.  Some individuals turned out to be somewhat more competent than others, which resulted in much hilarity !!!

The evening proved to be a great success, and was enjoyed by all.

A big Thank You to the Belly-Dancing Girls from South Wales !!!

All photos by me © Louise Shapcott


Tre Cancelle Farmhouse Apartments Near Sperlonga Beaches and Historic Itri, South Lazio, Italy


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