During my time in the UK I was able to spend some quality time visiting family and friends.  We were delighted to get to see our youngest grandson Aneurin, who we had not seen for almost a year, and my goodness how he has grown.  He is turning into quite a little character and just loves his food.

It was lovely to spend some time with our two other grandchildren, Jamie and Tommy.  They had recently had a new lively addition to the family, a Labrador puppy called “Bob”.  While Mummy was out at work and the boys were out at school I had great fun Babysitting Bob !!!

He gets plenty of walks and just loves being a “Mucky Pup” !!!

And then of course he needs a long nap !!!

The household’s other 2 pets are gradually learning to tolerate Bob – Jack and Meggie.

At Easter-time Jamie and Tommy enjoyed their Easter Egg Hunt in the garden.

The boys playing with an old-fashioned potato gun – I remember those !!!

I love you all so much – Nonna