187 – 2014 Gathering of the “We Love Atina” Group – A Guided Tour of Atina

On the Saturday morning we all met up by the new fountain in Piazza Garibaldi.

We Love Atina Group New Fountain in Atina Frosinone Italy

Eugenio Cannatà, born in Atina, but a resident of New York in the USA, had donated some money to create a new monument for the centre of the square, to replace the fountain that was destroyed in the bombing of Atina during WWII.  The new fountain bears the inscription “In memoria dei coniugi Guglielmo e Ofelia Cannatà”.

New Fountain in Atina Frosinone Italy

Piazza Garibaldi and the Porta dell’Assunta or San Rocco – an ancient gateway into the historic centre of Atina.


Mark and Jan Waldron


Paul, Sally and Ken Nardone


Trevor and Brigida Varley

We were met by Dottoressa lenia Carnevale, the Director of the Archaeological Museum of Atina, who was to give us a guided tour of the town.



The “Posterula” dates back to around the II Century and allowed access to the Roman town from the surrounding countryside. Its round arch opens into the original boundary walls.  The Visocchi family’s wine factory was founded in 1868 on the premises opposite this gate.  In 2003 the factory was turned into a museum and seat of the “Associazione Enogastronomica” named “Le Cannardizie”.  This restaurant is highly recommended in Atina. Website: http://www.lecannardizie.it


La Porta dell’ Assunta or La Porta di San Rocco.

P1290381aThe Palazzo Ducale, the Duke’s Palace


Outside the Palazzo Ducale there is a Roman statue, the head of which, it is said, was changed with the proclamation of each new Emperor.  The epigraph inscribed on the base records Marco Aurelio Antonio (161-180) who owned a holiday villa in Atina.


The entrance to the Palazzo Ducale – A Roman Memorial Epitaph  – a large block of stone or marble with a memorial inscription dedicated to a respected citizen.


Inside the Palazzo Ducale there is an ancient mosaic depicting Samnite warriors.


In the Palazzo Ducale there was a private chapel which is under restoration.  There are some beautiful frescoes.






Some frescoes were rescued from the ruined church of Santa Maria.


The following two paintings depict life at Court.



In the great hall of the Palazzo Ducale stands a large table with beautifully carved legs.


In the Palazzo Ducale there is now a room with three modern multi-media interactive units depicting Atina and the Val di Comino during the Medieval period.



Stairway inside the Courtyard of the Palazzo Ducale.


Ken & Sally Nardone, Paul Shapcott, Enrico Battaglia, Brigida Varley, Dottoressa Illenia Carnevale, Mary Gilmour, Gina Pollard, Trevor Varley, Mark Waldron & his wife Jan


Ken Nardone, Me Louise, Sally Nardone, Enrico Battaglia, Brigida Varley, Dottoressa Illenia Carnevale, Mary Gilmour, Gina Pollard, Trevor Varley, Mark & Jan Waldron

An ancient doorway


A tiny alleyway


Via Grotti, where my ancestors lived.


Next Illenia gave us a tour of  the Archaeological Museum of Atina. 

Another Roman inscription.


An ancient Cyclopean piece of stone.



Ancient sculpture of a Lion






All of us at Archaeological Museum of Atina

Thank you so much Illenia from us all !!!

All photos by me © Louise Shapcott

My Atina Website:  http://atinaitaly.com

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6 thoughts on “187 – 2014 Gathering of the “We Love Atina” Group – A Guided Tour of Atina

  1. Hi Beth.
    This is Ken Nardone.
    We visited Atena (the birthplace of my father Louis Nardone) after adding two days to our tour of Italy. I was concerned that by staying two days we would not know what to do with our time. Boy was I wrong. We ran into the wonderful group of people from “We Love Atina.”
    We gladly accepted the invitation to have dinner with them and joined them the next day for the tour of the town. I would be happy to give you more details of the Nardone connections that we made in our brief stay.
    Drop me a line at kennardone@yahoo.com

    • Ciao Ken. It was a surprise and pleasure to meet you both in Atina. Hope you are doing well and that you can help other Nardone’s tracing their family roots in Casalattico and Atina. Ciao for now !!! Louise and Paul

  2. This is wonderful! I want so much to go and retrace the steps of my ancestors…My great grandparents, Enrico Luigi Nardone and Maria Francesca Forte, both born in Casalattico, are buried in the Atina cemetery.

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