228 – Cooking With Florisa

In the Spring Paul’s sister Anne came to visit us for a few days. During her stay our friend Florisa invited us to lunch, together with our American friends Pat and Melinda. We girls went over to Florisa’s house around mid morning as Florisa was to give us a cookery lesson.

She was going to show us how to cook: Pumkin Risotto, Fried Anchovies, Fritters of Spring Greens and Fish Poached in White Wine With Potatoes.

Florisa preparing the pumkin.



Florisa found an enormous pan into which she added olive oil, chopped garlic and freshly chopped chilli pepper which were fried gently.  Then she added the diced pieces of squash and cooked it all on a gentle heat for about an hour until it broke down and became really soft.



Risotto rice was added to the mixture together with a little stock. The risotto needed to be constantly stirred adding more stock as needed from time to time.


Anne dutifully stirring the risotto.


The risotto was served topped with grated Parmesan cheese.


In a smaller pan Florisa once again added the main staple starter ingredients, olive oil, chopped garlic and freshly chopped chilli pepper which she gently fried. To this she added some fresh chopped tomatoes which were left to simmer until they softened down.



Meanwhile Florisa had prepared some spring greens which she had previously cooked in boiling water. These were then chopped and added to the pan.



She stirred the ingredients and left them to cook for a couple of minutes. She then took the pan off of the heat to allow the contents to cool down. When cool she mixed the spring greens mixture with some flour and added some salt, pepper and paprika and formed the mix into little patties. These were fried in oil on both sides until golden brown.




Next the fresh anchovies. The heads and the insides of the fish were removed and the remaining flesh was thoroughly rinsed. The anchovies were then coated in seasoned flour. These were then fried in oil until they were golden brown and crispy.





In a large deep frying pan Florisa coloured some chopped garlic. She then added the fish steaks and some white wine. Slices of potato were placed over the top. This was left to simmer on a gentle heat for quite some time.





Here we all are about to tuck into the wonderful tasty fayre that we had helped to prepare.

Buon Appettito !!!


It was all absolutely delicious !!!

Pat doesn’t eat vegetables especially if they are green, but he enjoyed the risotto and the fish nonetheless.

A huge thank you to Florisa for spending some of her precious time with us

and to both Florisa and Franco for inviting us to eat at their lovely country home.


All  photos by me © Louise Shapcott

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