232 – Fire

It had been a long hot and dry summer. I always keep alert and if I think I can smell smoke I immediately check it out by going outside and having a sniff around. This time we could see a plume of smoke rising over the mountain, Monte Marano, that sits behind Tre Cancelle. Paul always contacts the Vigili Forestale to ensure that they are aware of the fire and its exact position.


The Vigili soon sent our two Canadair water-bombing planes and one helicopter. It is common to see and hear them during the summer months.  We are very fortunate that we live near to some large lakes in Fondi and this is where the yellow amphibious planes skilfully dive down and scoop up water into their bellies, and where the helicopters can hover and fill their buckets.

In some cases the planes fly over the sea and scoop up water there, however as this water is salty it is not good for putting fires out in olive groves as it can damage the vegetation.

Soon we could hear the familiar drone of their engines as they got to work on halting the path of the fire and extinguishing the hungry flames. These are amazing pilots who are so skilful at manoeuvering and diving down close to the site of the fire. It quite a spectacle to watch.

I managed to get a few good shots that I thought I would share here.

Thanks once again to these brave pilots who work so hard to keep us safe from fire.








All photos by me © Louise Shapcott

#fire #wildfires #canadair #plane #airplane #itri #italy



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