242 – Aneurin’s April Visit to Italy

Back in the Spring of 2017 Aneurin, and his mum came to visit for a week. Every time we see our youngest grandson he seems to have grown another two inches.


Aneurin in our garden at Tre Cancelle

Aneurin loves Italy, he talks about it all the time and has told his friends and teachers at school that this is where he comes from. It is so lovely that he has such a connection with his family roots. My mother, Tina, would have been so happy to see this. I hope she is watching over us from above. As some of you know she was born in Little Italy in London’s Clerkenwell, and her parents were of Italian heritage from the mountain town of Atina in the Val di Comino.



Aneurin impressed by the size of strawberries in Italy

Aneurin loves being outdoors and likes to be kept busy. He was more than happy to get stuck in and help out with some gardening chores at Tre Cancelle.





One day during his stay we headed to Montecassino and visited the museum named the Museo Historiale di Cassino which commemorates the horrific Battle of Montecassino during World War II and the destruction of the beautiful monastery.





Aneurin at the Museo Historiale di Cassino

We also made a visit to the beautiful lake of Posta Fibreno in the Val di Comino – please take a look at our next post – 243 – The Lake of Posta Fibreno.

* public domain image

All other photos by me © Louise Shapcott



Tre Cancelle Farmhouse Holiday Apartments

Near Sperlonga’s Beaches and Historic Itri in South Lazio

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