202 – Our New 2015 Video For Tre Cancelle Farmhouse and South Lazio Italy

I (Louie) have been beavering away once again on the old computer.

Using  my own photos I have  put together a

new 2015 Video Slideshow of our Tre Cancelle Farmhouse.

Please do take a look – We hope you will enjoy it ………..

2015 “Tre Cancelle” Farmhouse Holiday Apartments

We also have a video about this beautiful and interesting region of

South Lazio in Italy:

“Beautiful South Lazio”

This beautiful mountainous / coastal region of South Lazio (within the provinces of Latina and Frosinone) is rich in history, architecture, culture and natural beauty.  Indeed it is blessed in many ways :

The beautiful coastline of the Riviera Di Ulisse / Ulysses Riviera (sometimes also know as the Costa Pontina or Pontine Coast) is considered to be one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in Italy.  


Sperlonga Coastline

It takes its name from Greek mythology.  According to Homer’s ancient work the “Odessey” and Virgil’s later work the “Aeneid”, the legendary Greek hero Odysseus / Ulysses, having fled from the Aegean following the fall of Troy, for 10 years navigated the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and eventually set foot on these golden Italian shores.  


Odysseus / Ulysses

This picturesque Riviera Di Ulisse, with its numerous golden sandy beaches, rocky coves, hidden caves and sheltered harbours, and the pretty seaside resorts of Sperlonga, Gaeta, Formia, Terracina, San Felice and the Pontine Islands, is noted for its temperate climate, and rainless summers.





The rocky cliffs are a haven for Free Climbers.

Yet close by are the dramatic Aurunci, and Ausoni, mountains which border the Southern Appenines and the Abruzzo National Park.  This is an area of outstanding natural beauty, with a diversity of landscapes:  Pretty medieval hill towns; verdant tranquil hillsides; olive groves; rivers, lakes; craggy peaks and protected nature reserves.


Itri Nestling In The Aurunci Mountains


View of Bella Itri

South Lazio is ideally positioned midway between Rome  and Naples making it an ideal base for taking day trips to these noble historical cities and also to  Pompei, Herculaneum and Vesuvius, to Montecassino,  to the Royal Palace of Caserta and Anzio.


The South Lazio area is popular with Italian visitors during the month of August, however out of season it reverts to a peaceful setting that is still largely undiscovered by international tourists.

So …

Come And Discover Beautiful South Lazio !!!

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All photos by me © Louise Shapcott

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169 – Summer Family and Friends

We had a  hot and busy summer, and Paul was very pleased as he managed to recruit some extra helpers to assist him with chores around Tre Cancelle.

Firstly our cousin’s son Alex volunteered to come and lend a hand for a week, and his stay coincided with a visit from our youngest grandson, Aneurin, and his Mum Emma.  Paul soon put them to work !!!

More fencing was required as Pino, our horse, was becoming a dab hand at escaping from his enclosure on a regular basis.  There was lots of wood to be collected from the groves, from the trees that had been pruned back in the Spring.  Both Emma and Alex worked like Trojans, despite the heat, and little Aneurin did his bit too by helping to fill up the wood shed.




We were happy to welcome the return of the White family, who are regular visitors to Tre Cancelle. (You may recall that they helped us last summer when a wild fire came dangerously close to our olive grove) – https://trecancelle.wordpress.com/2012/08/08/146-fire-at-tre-cancelle-august-2012/

Sadly Andrew could not make it this time, as he was recovering from heart surgery.  Jenny and the girls, Caitlin, Niamh and Bethan thoroughly enjoyed helping to look after Aneurin and fussing over Max, who had recently become a house dog, having been bullied by one of our adoptees, ie Henry.





Once again the pool came into its own ……..





Many happy evenings were enjoyed whilst dining together “al fresco”.  One evening Emma gave a cookery lesson for the girls and they all made pizza …..










Very tasty it was too !!!

We managed to fit in a quick visit to Atina with them all ……




and a quick visit to see cousins Mario and Mara.


Sadly too soon it was time for the Whites to make their way home.


We wish you could have stayed longer !!!

Meanwhile we enjoyed some more extra special time with Aneurin and Emma.







Cheeky Monkey !!!

Thank you to everyone for making our Summer such a happy one !!!

All photos by me © Louise Shapcott


Tre Cancelle Farmhouse Apartments Near Sperlonga Beaches and Historic Itri, South Lazio, Italy

168 – Jamie and Tom’s Italian Holiday

We were so happy to be able to invite our two eldest grandchildren Jamie and Tom and their Mum Vicki to come and stay during July, they had had a tough year and really needed a break.  Jamie, 11,  had just finished at primary school and was going up to senior school in the coming September.

However, the weather during their stay was extreme to say the least, hot and humid with temperatures reaching up to almost 40 deg C, totally energy zapping.

Thank goodness we had the pool for them to cool off and play in. 






We invited up our  friends children who moved from the UK to live in Itri three years ago, and they got on so well and great fun was had !!!





During their stay with us Tom celebrated his 9th birthday for which we held a little party. 


Tom was especiallyl impressed with his special ice-cream birthday cake from the Fiocco di Neve.



The evening before their last night our friends Pauline and Filippo kindly invited us all to have supper at their home. 



Pizza by the metre !!!




Thanks to Pauline and Filippo for a lovely evening !!!



Sending our love to you all.

We miss you !!!


All photos by me © Louise Shapcott


Tre Cancelle Farmhouse Apartments Near Sperlonga Beaches and Historic Itri, South Lazio, Italy

132 – New Swimming Pool For “Tre Cancelle”

Whilst it takes very little time to get to numerous lovely golden sandy beaches, we have always felt that a lovely addition to “Tre Cancelle Farmhouse” would be a swimming pool. 

Not yet able to afford a fully built-in pool we decided to install a quality, steel sided, above ground pool of ample dimensions, ie. 6.1 metres by 3.75 metres.

A substantial base was going to be required to support the weight of the some 21 m3  of water incorporated in the pool.

So Stefano and gang set about excavating material from high points of the terrain, and then redistributing it at lower points until a level base area of about 50 m2 was achieved.

Then they mixed and carefully laid a reinforced concrete base.

The next day Stefano set about tiling the base, by the end of a hot and sticky sunny day poor Stefano was exhausted by the heat and his poor old knees were suffering badly.  That said, he did a really splendid level job and the following day the tiles were then able to be grouted.

Having checked off all the parts against the swimming pool parts list,  the instructions were pretty easy to follow step by step.

Before long the pool began to take shape.

And …..

Hey Presto !!!


Sincere thanks to Stefano, Pasquale and Cipriano for all their hard work

and making it all happen !!!

All photos by me © Louise Shapcott


Tre Cancelle Farmhouse Apartments Near Sperlonga Beaches and Historic Itri, South Lazio, Italy

101 – Stunning Sperlonga

We are so lucky here in Itri, to live so close to so many beautiful golden sandy beaches.  Our favourite local sea-side town is Sperlonga, which is just 15 km / 9 or so miles from “Tre Cancelle” Farmhouse. The meandering road between Itri and Sperlonga leads through beautiful undulating countryside until you commence the winding descent down to the coast.  Along the route there are a series of small lay-bys where you can pull in and pause to take in the breathtaking sea vistas.

And then you will get your first glimpse of the wonderfully picturesque Sperlonga …

We suggest that you first explore the old section of this historic town, its whitewashed houses are clustered around a precipitous rocky crag.

It is a delight to venture on foot, through the labyrinth of narrow, winding, cobblestone alleys, stone archways and long winding staircases which meander through the old medieval town.  Some steps lead steeply downwards to the sea or out onto unexpected courtyards and view points, revealing stunning sea views, indeed, there is something to be discovered around every corner.

Delightful “piazzettas” are surrounded by little shops, trendy boutiques, restaurants and bars, where you can rest, whilst sipping an ice cold beer or enjoying a delicious gelato, whilst soaking up in the Mediterranean atmosphere.

This enchanting medieval town once served as a place of refuge from attacking seafaring raiders including the Saracens and later in 1534 by Khayr-al-Din (also known as “Red Beard” or “Barbarossa”) who sacked the town.

Therefore, a defence system was constructed, consisting of numerous watch towers along the coast.  The Torre Truglia, positioned on a rocky spit still dominates the entrance to Sperlonga’s small, but colourful harbour.

Beyond Sperlonga, the expanse of pale, golden beaches and sand dunes reach as far as the eye can see, until it finally joins the next coastal resort of Terracina, and even beyond to the headland of San Felice Circeo.  To the north of Sperlonga’s headland lies the lower and more modern section of the town, with several hotels and a well developed beach.

To the South, beyond the harbour extends the Riviera di Levante.  Here the Aurunci Mountains come down to the shore, and trees and greenery line the coast.  Most of the beach is taken up with Lido beach establishments, where you can pay to use the facilities, such as comfortable sunbeds, parasols, showers and changing facilities, and enjoy refreshments from the bar. However there are also ample stretches of spiaggia libera, “free beach”, where you can sunbathe for free, swim and stroll along splashing in the gentle waves.   Sperlonga’s beaches are credited as being the best to be found North of Naples and South of Rome.  The sparkling, clear waters have been awarded the prestigious European Blue Flag for several years running.  The sea bathing is generally safe, especially for children, because the water remains shallow for tens of metres from the shoreline, with a soft sandy bottom. Our two grandchildren absolutely love it.

This fashionable little town of Sperlonga is extremely popular with Italian visitors from the city of Rome, particularly during the month of August, or on sunny summer weekends, when they flock to the seaside to escape the city heat.  However out of season, Sperlonga reverts to a

Sleepy Peaceful Setting for a Relaxing Italian Holiday.

In our opinion, the best times to visit the beaches are between April and June and between September and  October, when the weather is generally pleasantly warm and the beaches are almost deserted.

So, if you fancy a little break in South Lazio, Italy …

please do take a look at our

New Video about Itri and Sperlonga and our “Tre Cancelle” Farmhouse Holiday Apartments

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All photos by me © Louise Shapcott


86 – New Videos About “Tre Cancelle” and South Lazio





Tre Cancelle Garden


I (Louie) have been beavering away on the old computer.

Using  my own photos I have  now put together 2 Video / Slideshows.

Please do take a look  ………..

One is dedicated to :

Our “Tre Cancelle” Farmhouse Holiday Apartments

The second is about this interesting region of South Lazio

that we are so lucky to now live in :

“Beautiful South Lazio”

I hope this will give you an idea

of what beauty surrounds us here at

“Tre Cancelle”

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